If you are taking your first steps as a handyman, in AKI we are passionate about DIY and we want to help you, that’s why we tell you the basic and essential tools that you must have to carry out the most common tasks in the maintenance of the home.

Having an appropriate toolkit that works well is imperative to tackle any task without despair, so we advise you to start by collecting the DIY basics for any handyman.

Metal Tools DIY:  Shops such as  DIY usually have a toolbox kit with basic utensils, there are even specialized sets that include boxes with screwdrivers, keys, material to treat wood, etc. However, we tell you what tools we consider most important and its utilities so you can add to your toolbox depending on the type of work you intend to do.

Screw driver: This is a key tool, since many furniture, household appliances and everyday objects are assembled with screws. For this same reason, there are many types of screwdrivers, with different sizes and shapes of the head to be able to adapt to each screw. Thus, the screwdrivers of shovel and star are the most common and there are kits with interchangeable heads at very cheap prices so you always hit.

Basic Diy Tools For HandymanHammer: It is another of the essential utensils and there are many types of models depending on the use that will be given. In addition to the hammer used to any task, there are claw hammers, special woodworking, electricians and even nylon to prevent vibration.

Pliers: Although usually used for electricity-related work, this tool is not only useful for cutting cables or wires; it is also very useful for holding objects with which you are working. The most versatile of the types of pliers that exist is the one with a strong clamp at the end, a jaw with grooves to prevent objects from slipping, a cutting part at the intersection of the pieces to cut and the rubber-coated grip To isolate the electricity and achieve greater grip on the hands.

keys: To unscrew nuts we need a key and as with all other tools, there are many types and sizes. The wrench or adjustable wrench is the most common and indispensable because it adapts to different nuts thanks to a screw adjustment. In addition, you can find many types in the market that is not worth knowing because the wrench is not good for everything. Among the best known are the spanners, star, the allen keys that usually come in sets, the keys pipe that also serve to loosen screws, etc.

Drill: A good drill makes the life of any handyman easier, it is used to make holes in any surface, especially they come prepared to drill walls or wood, but you can buy drills to be used on much harder or more delicate surfaces like concrete, The metal and even glass. When choosing which type of drill you are best, remember that you have them with a cable or a battery, the more power you have, the easier it will be to make a hole and many of them can be bought with a drill kit for different materials.

Screws, nuts, spikes, nails, alcayatas, etc: You will not be able to mount any furniture, shelves or household appliances if you do not have something to assemble the pieces. These utensils are very cheap and everything you do will require one type or another. However, even if you buy them ex profeso for each job, it is advisable to have enough in the toolbox, of various types and sizes, for an emergency. To start you can buy a kit and save all that go you left of each project of DIY that you undertake and thus, in less time you think you will have a good base of screws, nuts, cannulas, alcayatas, etc. that will help you solve many problems without having to go and buy them specifically.

Metro and level: Even if you are starting, you will already know the maximum of any handyman; “Measure twice and cut a”, this means that you always have to make sure before nailing or drilling anything that the task is being done at the exact point, and for that you will need a meter to measure and a level so that things are not Twisted

Adhesives: Whether duct tape, silicone or glue, many of the work of home maintenance will require the use of some type of adhesive. According to the type of surface and the weight or force that will support, it will be more advisable one or the other.

It is not possible or necessary to have all the tools, depending on the type of project you want to tackle some will be more useful than others, so think about what you need and start making your own toolbox to do your small or large DIY projects In the best way possible.


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