Decorating with mirrors is a simple way to achieve spaciousness and luminosity in a room, as well as being a practical and decorative object.

Like every little DIY project you do, the first thing to do before buying the material is to know what you want to achieve: Give a feeling of spaciousness to a bathroom, to achieve luminosity in a bedroom, to decorate an entrance, etc.

If you still do not know where and how you want to place the mirrors in your home, here we leave you a gallery with images taken from my home magazine so that you get the inspiration.

GAIN BREADTH AND LIGHT DECORATING WITH MIRRORSDepending on where you want to put the mirror and what effect you want to get, so you must choose a model or another. Keep these tips in mind:

Think about what the new mirror will reflect, keep in mind that this image will be magnified, so it makes no sense to give prominence to another empty wall or a little decorated or damaged corner of the house.

Keep in mind the ratio of the mirror to the surface on which it is to be placed before you buy it and we advise you to try to avoid putting a small mirror on a large wall, unless it is a set of mirrors forming a collage.

The frame of a mirror brings color and style; it serves to give the air that you look for the stay, so it is important to think about it before placing it and buying the materials.

Let’s talk about the most important, the strategic place where to place your new mirror:

In front of a window is one of the best positions to place a mirror, especially if it has good views, as it will reflect the exterior and will project natural light to the rest of the room.

The corridors or corners of the house are small spaces and little light, so a mirror could do a great favor to the sense of spaciousness. For these spaces it is advisable to pay attention to the type of mirror, the color of the frame, the shape, etc., since they must conform to the style you have at home. In the AKI catalog you can find a wide variety of mirrors of all shapes, sizes and colors, take advantage of it:

  • Collage of mirrors
  • Set of square mirrors
  • Chapel type mirror
  • Mirror
  • Collage of wavy mirrors
  • Collage of wavy mirrors
  • Corrugated Mirrors
  • Corrugated Mirrors
  • Square mirror
  • Square mirror with color frame
  • Round decorated mirror

The hall is one of the most common places to put a mirror, in this case is usually not only for the sense of spaciousness, but as a form of decoration and practical element that allows you to look at you before leaving home. Do you want to put a mirror on the road of your house? In this gallery we show you some models that can help you and decide which one is yours.

It is fashionable to decorate furniture with mirrors, doing this is somewhat more complicated than just hanging or supporting a mirror on a wall, but it gives a very original result. For this you have to look for a type of furniture with the smooth surface and buy a mirror to measure. For example in a closet door, a chest of drawers, a shelf, a headboard, etc.

Any small room is likely to improve with a mirror. A dining room for example, if not very large, paints the walls a light color and places a large mirror that reflects all the light that reaches the room. It would also happen with a bedroom or play room, etc.

Do not forget that you can play with the forms of the mirrors, make it creative! You can combine several in a collage or choose one of round, wavy, horizontal contours and a very long etc.


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