We are back one more day, this time to bring you some information about one of the tools most used by the DIY enthusiasts, the sander. This is a good DIY tool.

When choosing our sander it is important to know all the types of sanders that exist and the differences between them.Sander-multi-te-os-18-li-einhell-sin-bateria



These sanders are characterized by their finished shape in point and by their size, are also often called delta or mouse sanders because of how easy it is to get with them to the most complicated corners. This type of sander provides ease of use and power, and is highly recommended for tasks of renovation and restoration of furniture as well as for any simple domestic work.

We can find multipliers with or without cable. In the case of multi- drum machines we will have great freedom to work and move through space, while we do not lose power by giving up the cable.

An example of a multi- drum drummer is the MULTI TE-OS 18 Li EINHELL SANDER. In the following video you can find a little more about it:

Which Sander Should I Choose?Band Sanders:

The belt sanders   have greater power than before. In this case, two rollers spin the sandpaper, while we must be ourselves who mark the direction of sanding.

These types of sanders are often used for work with large surfaces and do not require a perfect finish. If your project does not require maximum precision or you are going to work rough this could be a good choice for you, thanks to its great power when removing any wood surface. In spite of this, we recommend to take into account that the weight in this type of sanders increases notably and that its handling requires of more effort.

A good belt sander? There are many options we have , but we highlight the POWERLIFE 350W BLACK & DECKER BAND SANDER, with variable speed, 3 sandpaper

Orbital Sanders:

Just at an intermediate point between the two types above we find the orbital sanders. They are sanders with more power than the multi-pairs and they are more comfortable and efficient when making works in wood of average size.Sander-orbital-milwaukee-sps-140

This type of sander has a rectangular base on which the machine makes reciprocating movements. That’s why they are ideal sanding machines for jobs with medium-sized wood surfaces and even for painting or sealing cracks.

As well as multi-pails with tools of more domestic use, these are often used by hobbyists who work on projects of some difficulty.

Rotor / eccentric sanders:

Among all the types of sanders we can find, rotorbine sanders are the most professional we can find. Specially focused on restoration and polishing works, we can easily renew surfaces that even have several layers of paint. In addition, they are the best option when sanding curved or rounded surfaces thanks to its circular surface.Sander-excentrica-electronica-te-rs-40-e

Likewise, this type of sanders gives us the opportunity to replace the sandpaper with a polishing accessory in such a way that we make it an ideal polisher to apply wax on wood or even to carry out work in automobiles.

Its use requires certain mastery. In order to handle them accurately it is advisable to guide them with both hands.

As you see, know the types and usages that we can give to the sanding machines; it will help us to carry out our works with great precision, achieving the perfect finish in the different projects that we propose. And remember that whatever our ideal sander, we must protect ourselves well when using it, wearing face masks and protective glasses to avoid possible injuries.

If you have any questions before making your sander do not hesitate to customer service, we will be happy to help!


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